Ash bootstrapped his last company, WiredReach, in 2002 which he later sold in 2010. Throughout that time, he launched many products with varying degrees of success and was constantly in search for a better way to build products. He claims to have tried everything from building in stealth, release-early-release-often, less is more, and even more is more…

In late 2009, he ran into into Steve Blank’s lectures on “Customer Development” from where he followed the trail to Eric Ries’ early ideas of the Lean Startup. That started his own rigorous testing and adaptation of these ideas which he first shared on this blog ( and have turned into a book: Running Lean. He's sold over 10,000 copies of Running Lean as a self-published e-book. A second edition is in the works which will be published by O’Reilly in early 2012.

His last company was was sold to Spark59 - with a mission of helping other startups raise their odds of success.  By way of writing his book and teaching workshops, he’s worked with hundreds of startups and refined the Running Lean methodology.  Ash holds several mentor roles with startup accelerators around the world including Mozilla Foundation (San Francisco), Year One Labs (Montreal), MARs (Toronto), Ideally (Brussels), and Capital Factory (Austin).

Before Spark59, Ash was the Founder and CEO of WiredReach where he build simple file and media sharing products used by businesses to share and collaborate around large files.  He also was the Director of Software Development at telecom technologies where he led the dev team responsible for their distributed Voice over IP Softswitch product.  Telecom Technologies were subsequently acquired by Sonus Networks in 2001.


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