Chris Kephart is a graduate of Indiana University Kelley School of Business where he studied computer information systems, marketing and political science. After graduating, Chris worked for Walgreens Corporation and Arthur Anderson in IT consulting positions, specializing in external web development as well as database integration. During this time, Chris found he had a passion for helping organizations with their business practices and identifying areas for improvement. 

In 2001, Chris joined Ricoh Business Systems as a hardware and software consultant where he was able to advise a variety of organizations on their workflow and infrastructure needs. Notable clients included the Chicago Bulls and Trizec Properties (at the time one of the largest real estate investment trusts in North America). After five years in that industry, Chris found a calling in human resource solutions and took a role with Automatic Data Processing.  Chris was brought on to facilitate the growth of a new business unit and was instrumental in growing that business to well over 2,500 clients, taking on multiple internal and external projects. After seven years at ADP and running multiple offices as a vice president, he decided to accept a new challenge and remove himself from the traditional corporate world.  In 2012 Chris joined a privately held HR solutions company CoAdvantage and moved from Chicago, IL to Austin, TX to open that market, focus on growth and take his years of experience building winning teams to the Lone Star State.

Since opening the Austin market, Chris has taken over the Denver and Phoenix markets and has seen growth in excess of 2,000 percent. He has a passion for helping organizations and believes in taking a systematic but entrepreneurial approach to everyone that he consults with. In addition to being one of the industry’s leading professionals, Chris is a world traveler (23 countries and counting) and a food enthusiast. 


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