Dave has been startup CEO/COO for seventeen venture backed startups, and has served as an independent director in two additional medical technology companies.
Dave has a Ph.D. and a BS in Nuclear Chemistry from Texas A&M University.

Dave retired in 2012 as CEO of Clear Vascular, a virtual, venture backed life science company. Before joining Clear Vascular, he was involved in the venture capital industry for 12 years as a general partner in the AM Fund, and also as a venture partner with Vanguard Venture Partners. Prior to being a venture capitalist, he was General Manager of BCM Technologies, Inc., the for-profit technology transfer company owned by Baylor College of Medicine.

He has been a Manager in the Corporate Development Group at Medtronic, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as the Director of Product Development for their Instruments Division. He has also run product development groups for Tracor’s Analytical Instruments Division in Austin, Texas and Beckman Instruments’ Scientific Instruments Division in Irvine, California. Prior to that, he was a Member of the Technical Staff at Texas Instruments Central Research Laboratory in Dallas, Texas.

From Seed Sumo:“Most likely you will be needing more funding after our program, whats better than having a seasoned veteran venture capitalist coaching you on your pitch and business model? Dave’s experience spans product development, acquisitions, fundraising, mergers, and years upon years of experience in an array of startup activity. Dave also helps to make sure the fundamentals of your business are sound and you are ready for the next level.”


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