He has been instrumental in the execution of projects with clients ranging from real estate industry leader Coldwell Banker, important telecommunications projects with Verizon and MetroPCS, and fashion industry projects with Fossil.

Ron LeonGuerrero is Partner and Technical Director at The Old State House of Design and Development. At an early age, Ron taught himself software programming languages and methodologies, which led him to a career in the tech industry. Prior to moving to Dallas in 2007, LeonGuerrero served as Chief Technology Officer of NDR, Inc., a software company specializing in Interactive Digital Signage. While at NDR, Inc., LeonGuerrero played an instrumental role in landing their largest client, The Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

LeonGuerrero is notable for garnering highly effective results on some of the most diverse and complex projects anywhere. LeonGuerrero’s experience with a broad and diverse client base has enabled him to enjoy his current reputation as the go-to for important clients expecting glitch-free, immediate and unparalleled results.

From Seed Sumo:“Most startups don’t think about Growth. What happens if your startup actually works? Ron is great at preparing your processes and automations for WHEN this happens.”


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