Ryan is an author, investor, and entrepreneur. In 2005, Ryan left the banking industry and followed his passion to be an entrepreneur.

He was one of the early pioneers in leveraging technology, social media, and search engine marketing to build a multi-million turn-key real estate investment company known as Investor Nation. Today, Investor Nation has grown into a secured opportunity fund that provides structured liquidity to local real estate entrepreneurs. He has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal and many other publications as a thought leader in the space. Ryan co-authored the book Forget Wall Street: Invest in Blue-chip Real Estate.

Ryan is also a co-founder of RealYields, an online property analysis and marketing application built for the investment community. In his spare time, he actively contributes and speaks in local technology meet-ups, BARCamps, and blog-fests.

From Seed Sumo:“Ryan has a passion for startups beyond compare. He’s typically the smartest guy in the room and has a knack for being ahead of the curve. His connections and reputation speak for himself, but without a doubt one of the most valuable mentors we have.”


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