Wade Floyd grew up in the Dallas area. He moved to Austin, TX for college and attended Abilene Christian University. He graduated with a degree in finance. After college he built a direct sales organization for Southwestern and worked for them 15 years.

His entrepreneurial journey began in 5th grade. He sold pot holders which his sister made he would sell door-to-door. He later moved on to purchasing fireworks and selling them at school for 10x the price. His first startup he founded was needto.com which is a digital marketplace for neighbors to help each other.  He has also founded hostfamily.com which connects exchange students with families to stay with. Most recently, Wade founded coachtube.com and decided that it is the most promising so it is where he directs all his attention.

He was inspired to create CoachTube because of his obsession with online, on-demand learning. He built the product with his childhood in mind. When he was a kid he wished he would have had access to world class coaches regardless of geography or income.

In the future, Wade wants to be involved in all kinds of startups and be able to mentor young entrepreneurs.



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